Supporting Members

FDPPI is built as an organization of Data Protection Professionals by the professionals themselves. Ujvala Consultants Private Limited is a founder and Patron Member which underwrites the expenses of FDPPI since its inception. More Patron members are expected to emerge in future to take FDPPI to the next generation.

Additionally many of the Members have also pledged their continued support in terms of efforts and personal resources and execute their projects jointly with FDPPI to create a revenue source for FDPPI by sharing part of the revenue with FDPPI. They are recognized as “Supporting Members”.

This is a purely voluntary “Effort Donation” which may also inter-alia result in some project benefit being accruing to FDPPI.

FDPPI is a new entity that has come up in 2018 and some of the members have a professional standing for a long period and the execution of joint projects would be considered as beneficial to FDPPI in establishing itself.

In most of these projects, projects are initiated by the members themselves and FDPPI has to only evaluate the professional competence of the member to execute a given project and be a participant in the project. In certain projects, FDPPI may invite assistance from their members to execute the project initiated either by another member or FDPPI itself.

All such projects are received as proposals and evaluated by the Governing Council and approved by the Board before being activated.

The professional profile of such Supporting Members will be made available on the website on approval based on the procedures for approval in accordance with the Articles of the Company.