Talent Exchange

FDPPI has the vision to be an organization which is at the top of the pyramid in the Data Protection arena in India.  In the context of what is “Not a personal Data under PDPA” will be “Non Personal Data” that would be “Governed” by a complimentary legislation, FDPPI will aspire to be on the top of both Data Protection and Data Governance in India.

Towards this end we are already creating “Certification” programs and “Implementation Framework”, the two instruments with which the professionals in India will be able to achieve “Self Reliance” in the field of Data Protection.

 In this concept FDPPI will provide the platform for Data Protection related talent to be exchanged for mutual benefit between interested individuals or other entities.

“Talent Exchange” is another move that FDPPI has undertaken. This program will have two faces.

First is the exchange of productive services from “Supporting Members” where services can be provided under the FDPPI brand with the cooperation of multiple members under a profit sharing program with FDPPI being provided a royalty share. This is exclusive to supporting members of FDPPI only.

The Second is the exchange of manpower talent relevant to data protection. Under this program, individuals may voluntarily register with an intention to make their talent available for recruitment purpose and organizations can pick up the available talents.

This will be available even for non members.

The logic for this program is already explained here.

The program will be coordinated by Naavi as the Chairman of FDPPI with utmost confidence. Information will not be shared even with other directors of FDPPI. Any disclosures would be only on a highy de-identified and near anonymous basis until the parties can be brought together for direct interaction.

Requests for reference and Registrations with CV are received through e-mail at ceac.naavi @ gmail.com with the subject line “Talent Exchange”.

Head hunters and Companies looking for DPOs may also contact.

The registration fee and other charges will be individually intimated.

This could appear to be a limited placement service and could partly work like that. However the intention is to ensure that right talents get recognized and right talents are picked up and ofcourse at the right exchange value.

There is no guaranteed commitment of placement and what is guaranteed is a platform and support in good faith.

If any of the candidates want to make them more desirable than they are at present for the recruiters, they can explore the opportunities of various certifications that are offered by FDPPI and its supporting members.

If recruiters want to understand what is desirable, FDPPI already operates the Jnaana Jyothi program where free sessions on the impact of Data Protection laws on organizations are provided and they can invite FDPPI members in any of the Regional Governance councils to address their audience either physically or virtually.

An “Exchange” has to benefit both parties involved and also provide residual reward for running the exchange. FDPPI will be the intermediary which will act as this exchange and hopefully both the talented professionals and the organizations who want to hire the best relevant professionals would benefit.

By default it is deemed that no member of FDPPI or Certificate holders would be considered interested in the program. Only those who opt in with a specific request would be considered interested.

Any disputes arising out of this service would be subject to arbitration through ODRGLOBAL.IN only.

P.S: Watch out this page for any modifications/refinements in the system