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First Offline meeting at Bangalore on 29th September 2018

Meeting of FDPPI Provisional Members on 29th September 1018- AGENDA

A meeting of the provisional members of FDPPI is being arranged at 3rd floor, at No 12, 24th Main,  J P Nagar 2nd Phase (Above The Bottle), near RV Dental College at  4.00 pm on 29th September 2018. (I have sent the google map of the venue on the Telegram and WhatsApp group.)

This will be the first physical meeting of the provisional members.

The agenda of the meeting is as follows:

  1. To explain the objectives of FDPPI
  2. To explain the proposed operational structure and how you can participate.
  3. To inform the developments till date.
  4. To explain the proposed means of funding in the form of Donations.
  5. To explain the proposed procedure for becoming voting members of the Company
  6. To explain the procedure to become a member of the Regional Council of FDPPI at Bangalore.
  7. To accept Donations and Membership applications from the members
  8. To discuss some of the future activities
  9. To answer any queries that you may have on the organization

P.S: Those who have not confirmed participation earlier may kindly confirm through email.

Those who want to join through video conferencing may contact Naavi by e-mail.


FDPPI Invites Participation

FDPPI invites interested persons who want to join this movement of Data Protection Professionals.

Persons interested need to first become “Donors”. Out of the Donors, those who donate Rs 5000/- and above can exercise the option to become “Members” who will have voting rights as well as participate in the management of the Company as members of the Governing Council.

Initial members of the Governing Council would be “Nominated”. Once the membership reaches a critical level and not later than the first annual meeting of members, the members of the Governing Council would be elected by members in a due process of election.

The Regional Governing Councils will have a maximum of 9 members and initially 5 members may be inducted by nomination.

On 29th of September 2018, a physical meeting of the proposed members is taking place in Bangalore. Subsequently similar meetings may be held elsewhere.

During the meeting, Naavi would explain the objectives of the Company and its proposed management structure and initiate action to enrol members.

Interested persons may request for membership application form by sending an e-mail request as per e-mail details available in the contact page.

FDPPI is born today

I have great pleasure in announcing that the Foundation of Data Protection Professionals of India has formally come into existence today with the completion of the process of registration and allotment of the CIN/TNI/PAN numbers.

The Company is registered as a Section 8 Company limited by shares.

The activities of the Company will be managed by a Central Governing Council and supported by the Regional Governing Councils in major cities such as Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. There may not be a Regional Council in Bangalore since the Central General Council will take care of the activities in Bangalore. A decision on whether we need a separate Regional Council for Bangalore may be considered later.

Each General Council is expected to have a President, Vice President and other Activity Group leaders. All designations are honorary.

I look forward to volunteers to take this initiative forward. There are some minor additional formalities to be completed which may take a couple of days.

We will then pen up membership registers to get members in first as “Subscribers” to the services of FDPPI and then those who are willing can opt to become “Members” with gives them entitlement to participate as Governing Council members.

Some of these details have been shared with those who have earlier registered as provisional members. But now a formal issue of the membership rules and procedures for admission would be released.

Please watch out for more information through these columns.

Those who want to contact me can do so through the e-mail


Be a part of this new movement in India

Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI) is all set to start a new movement in India set in motion by the Data Protection Professionals.

India has just started its journey into a formal Data Protection Regime with the advent of the Personal Data Protection Act 2018 being under consideration of the Parliament.

In response to this initiative of the Government, the professionals are set to empower themselves and contribute to the introduction of the Privacy Conscious culture in India

FDPPI is registered as a Section 8 Company.

The Activities of the Company will be coordinated by the Governing Council consisting of experienced professionals from all disciplines that contribute to the protection of Data, both Personal and Corporate. It includes the Privacy professionals, Data Protection Professionals, Law Enforcement community, Advocates specializing in Cyber Laws, Professional involved in Data Governance in any capacity.

Watch out for more information.