PDP-CMS Auditor

(Next Batch with interactive sessions to be announced in November 2021. Presently Online Streaming video based course only will be available. Contact fdppi@fdppi.in for more details. )

The first of this consolidated course which combined Module I, Module G and Module A was conducted from July 16th 2021.

This program is a hybrid program which will include 36 hours of the online sessions through streamed videos which can be studied at the convenience of the participant along with the reading material.

Every week there will be an online interaction with the faculty to discuss and clarify doubts if any.

This hybrid “Streaming cum Interactive delivery” of the course will enable participants to take the course without compromising on the work related responsibilities.

The price of this program would be Rs 40,000/- plus GST at 18%, (Total Rs 47,200/-) which is inclusive of the Basic membership of FDPPI. 

The program will cover Indian data protection laws, global data protection laws and the data audit skills required by a DPO working in India.

For further clarifications, kindly contact Naavi over e-mail.

Persons interested in enrolling for the program may kindly complete the form below and make the necessary payment.

The fee includes complimentary membership of FDPPI. The default membership would be the basic membership.

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Note: For clarification of any doubts, we state as follows:

Presently all courses are on the hybrid mode of “Video Streamed Recorded Lessons” and “Periodical On demand Mentoring Sessions”. The mentoring sessions will be handled by me (or another faculty) to discuss any doubts and clarifications required by the students. These will be scheduled as Zoom meetings by mutual convenience, once for each module. (or as may be required).

Course with all interactive sessions will not be feasible until end of December. We will wait for the December Parliamentary session to know if any new draft of PDPB 2019 would be introduced. Until then the existing system will continue. We shall however conduct free sessions to update the participants with any changes that may be introduced by the Government in the PDPB 2019 current version.

In this model, the fee structure is as follows:

Module I alone: Rs 10000/- plus GST 18%
Module G alone: Rs 15000/- plus GST 18%
(If Module I and G are taken together, a 10% combination discount would be provided; the total would be Rs 22500/- plus GST 10%)
In case three or more members join as a team we can provide a further 10% discount on any of the above (Module I will be Rs 9000/-, Module G would be Rs 13500/-, Combination would be Rs 20,000/- ..all plus 18% GST.
In case of the DPO training which leads to a certificate “Certified PDP CMS Auditor/Consultant”, the program will have the the joint names of FDPPI and DNV. The total fee for individuals is Rs 40,000/- plus GST. As above for 3 persons, we can provide 10% discount.
The participant in any module will get a complimentary membership of FDPPI which is separately priced at Rs 4000/-. This will be applicable once only.

Application for Enrollment for Certification Program


P.S: Training is offered by Cyber Law College (Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd) as Training Partner

For more details, contact FDPPI over email…. fdppi@ fdppi.in