DP-CMS Consultant

(Presently Online Streaming video based course is available. Contact fdppi@fdppi.in for more details. )

This program is meant as a training for  professionals to develop themselves as Data Protection Officers in India who are conversant with the Indian Data Protection law, requirements of International Data Protection laws such as GDPR to the extent required in India and the data audit  requirements for compliance of the Indian law.

The Indian law under reference is the JPC approved version of PDP 2019 which is titled currently as Data Protection Act 2021 (DPA 2021). When passed, it may actually be called Data Protection Act 2022 (DPA 2022). Currently it can also be referred to as Data Protection Bill 2021. (DPB 2021).

The training is referred to as  “DPO Training” for general understanding. The successful candidates will be will be issued Certificate by FDPPI as “Data Protection Compliance Consultant”.

After the Bill is passed, it is expected that the Data Protection Authority would publish guidelines for accreditation of Data Protection Auditors under the Act and at that time the Certified consultants would be provided further training to meet the requirements of a Data Auditor.

This training involves preparing professionals to be a Consultant to design, implement and audit a Data Protection Compliance Management System (DP-CMS) based on the requirements of the Indian Data Protection Law.

The general framework under which the DP-CMS would be designed is based on the Data Protection Compliance Standard of India (DPCMS) developed by Naavi in association with FDPPI.

In view of the recent changes in the Indian law, a new version of Module I has been introduced based on the JPC approved version of the PDPB 2019 which is now named as DPA 2021. Further additional discussions will also be held in Module A to cover the changes that are required for compliance of DPA 2021.

The price of this program would be Rs 45,000/- inclusive of  GST at 18%, which is inclusive of the Basic membership of FDPPI. 

The program will cover Indian data protection laws, global data protection laws and the data audit skills required by a DPO working in India.

For further clarifications, kindly contact Naavi over e-mail.

Persons interested in enrolling for the program may kindly complete the form below and make the necessary payment.

The fee includes complimentary Basic membership of FDPPI. The default membership would be the basic membership.

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P.S: Training is offered by Cyber Law College (Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd) as Training Partner

For more details, contact FDPPI over email…. fdppi@ fdppi.in