DPA 2021-compliance View

Madras Management Association and FDPPI successfully conducted a one day symposium on DPA 2021-Compliance View, at Chennai, on 23rd April 2021 at the MMA auditorium.

A large contingent of participants from ISACA and CySi who partnered the event made the event successful.

Following are some photographs of the event.

The event started with an welcome address from Captain Vijaykumar of MMA,  an inaugural address by Mr Ravichandran, IRS, Commissioner of Income Tax, followed by an overview of DPA 2021 by Naavi.

Subsequently there were 4 panel discussions, one on Legal aspects, One on Technology aspects, One on Professional opportunities and another on Compliance frameworks.

Naavi anchored the entire day’s deliberations while experts from the industry such as Rohan K George, Geetha Jayaraman (Capgemini), Rupak Nagarajan (KPMG), R Vittal Raj, Dr mahesh Kalyanaraman from HP and others participated. From FDPPI, apart from naavi, Directors, Mr Ramesh Venkataraman, Nagendra Javagal, and members such as Govind Srinivasan also participated in the discussions.

The proceedings of the symposium would be available on the MMA youtube channel at present. It may also appear on the FDPPI youtube channel shortly.

The event was part of the National Movement of DPA 2021 awareness that FDPPI has charted out. Hopefully with the availability of other partners in other parts of the country, similar events can be repeated.


Video Links

  1. Inaugural Session

2. Legal Aspects of DPA 2021

3. Technology Aspects of DPA 2021

4. Career opportunities from DPA 2021

5. Audit perspective of DPA 2021.

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