FDPPI is the Privacy Companion of India

In the financial year 2024-25, Companies are gearing up for compliance of DPDPA 2023 and budgetary discussions have started in the Corporate circles.

As Companies scout for DPDPA impact assessment, DPDPA Implementation assistance as well as DPDPA 2023 Audit, Assessment and Certification, FDPPI stands out as the most appropriate companion for Privacy implementation for companies.

FDPPI in already into certification of professionals and its C.DPO.DA. course is the flagship certification program in India towering over other international and national certification programs with a comprehensive coverage of Indian Data Protection Laws, Global Data Protection laws and Implementation and Audit requirements.

FDPPI Certification programs come with a unique guarantee of one free updation over a virtual course to take care of the changes that may come through when the rules are notified.

Additionally the DGPSI as an Implementation and audit framework is a break through in India which is a Data Governance and Protection Standard of India providing guidance for DPDPA 2023 compliance, along with ITA 2000 and BIS requirements.

Now FDPPI has gone a step further with associations to create “Privacy Companion Tools” to assist the organizations to comply with different aspects of DPDPA 2023. One such product Naavi-63 meant for Consent Collection and Recording is likely to be operative soon.More such tools are expected to follow.

With these developments, FDPPI is fast acquiring the status of “Privacy Companion of India” to assist the co

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