Forthcoming events in FDPPI

FDPPI is organizing events on Compliance of DPDPA at multiple centers for different audience.

Since January, one day events were held in Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

Now the following events are planned.

13th April 2024: Hyderabad (CIOKLUB members only)

11th May 2024: Delhi (CIOKLUB members only)

12th May 2024: Delhi (Open paid event)

18th May 2024 : Coimbatore (CIOKLUB members only)

The one day programs will cover DPDPA law and Implementation through DGPSI framework.

Interested persons who would like to attend the May 12tth event may contact FDPPI. Any other organization which may like to conduct programs for their members may also contact FDPPI.


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