PDPB 2019 in its past life…

As we are discussing PDPB 2019 as the Data Protection legislation of India today, it becomes necessary that we remember that this is the new incarnation of an earlier Bill called “Personal Data Protection Bill 2006” which was introduced in the Indian Paliament along with the ITA 2000 amendment bill of 2006 which became the ITA amendment act 2008 and got passed in December 2008. The PDPB 2006 however lapsed and was forgotten

But for those of us interested in studying the legislative history of Indian legislation on Data Protection, it is important to recognize the PDPB 2006 as the past Janma of PDPB 2019.

A complete discussion of this Bill was held by Naavi under the aegis of Digital Society of India way bac on 17th October 2008 as part of the Digital Society Day celebrations. It was hosted by KLE Law College and supported by KILPAR. Some of the photographs of the event are interesting.

Mr Suresh Kumar, the then Law Minister of Karnataka inaugurated a seminar on Privacy on October 17, 2008 at KLE Law College, Bangalore, seen here with Naavi


Complete details of the event are available  available here .

A Copy of the Personal Data Protection Bill 2006 presented in the Parliament at that time is available here and is worth looking into when analyzing the legislative history of PDPB 2019.

When the Indian Data Protection Summit 2021 (IDPS 2021) discusses the Past, Present and Future of Privacy Law in India, it is necessary to remember this 2006 version of the Bill which faded into oblivion.


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