Quick Path to be a DPO and Data Auditor

FDPPI has been conducting one day program for CIOs and experienced GDPR professionals across the country. In the month of March programs are scheduled in Bangalore (2nd march 2024), Mumbai (9th March 2024), Ahmedabad (10th March 2024), Kolkata (23rd March 2024), Hyderabad (April 2024) and Nagpur (April 2024).

Presently, registration is available only for the Bangalore event on March 2nd as per details mentioned above.

This program is designed as a preparatory program for professionals to appear for a two hour online examination for C.DPO.DA. which is the flagship training program of FDPPI.

The program is meant for experienced professionals with exposure to GDPR and Implementation of ISO 27001 or similar frameworks.

The program will focus on implementation issues and discuss the legal and practical implementation issues with reference to DGPSI framework. (DGPSI is Data Governance and Protection Standard of India which is a compliance framework designed for compliance of DPDPA 2023, ITA 2000 and Desired expectations under the BIS standard).

The participants can appear for the exam once and successful completion would result in the C.DPO.DA certification.

The recommended reading material is the book “Guardinals of Privacy..A Comprehensive handbook on DPDPA 2023 and DGPSI”. Copies of the book may be made available at a discount of 30% on prior request.

(Event is over)

Amount Payable:

Participation in the course:

Rs 6000/- + GST Rs 1080: Total Rs 7080/-


Rs 12500/- +GST Rs 2250/- Total : Rs 14750/-

Participation + Examination: Rs 21830.00

This is an one time offer with 50% discount on the published prices as a special drive.


It is recommended that those who take the examination consider buying the book “Guardians of Privacy……” to ensure that they have the material to answer the examination questions. This books covers DPDPA 2023 and DGPSI and only a reference to GDPR as a comparison to DPDPA 2023. It does not cover GDPR, CPRA, HIPAA and Singapore PDPA which are part of the examination.

There is 30% discount coupon available for those who take the examination which will be provided on request.

The 36 hour program of FDPPI for C.DPO.DA. covers all the legal aspects of GDPR and other global laws as required for the examination.

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