Upcoming Trainings

FDPPI has the following ongoing training programs at present.

  1. Certified Data Protection Professional-Module India (CDPP-I)
  2. Certified Data Protection Professional-Module Global (CDPP-G)
  3. Certified Data Protection Proessional-Module Audit (CDPP-A)

All the three modules together will lead to C.DPO.DA which stands for Certified Data Protection Officer and Data Auditor

CDPP-I and CDPP-G are currently available on recorded Video mode supported by mentor assisted discussion sessions.

CDPP-A new virtual batch is commencing as week end course on October 18, 29 and November 3, 4, for 3 hours each starting from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

Within the module A, on November 3 and 4, the sessions will cover DGPSI, the Digital Governance and Protection Standard of India and essential for conducting Data Audit under this framework.

Module A first part on October 28 and 29 will cover general aspects of Audit and ISO 27701.

The courses are offered individually or in combination to suit the needs of different persons.

Online examination would be required to complete C.DPO.DA certification.

All participants will get Course completion certificate and reading material.

Every module comes with complimentary basic membership of FDPPI and registration in the Indian National Register of Data Protection Professionals, together worth Rs 9000/- . This is for the first course undertaken by the professional.

Separately, Module I, G and A are priced at Rs 15000, 18000 and Rs 24000/- (All prices are inclusive of GST)

Different combinations such as Module I+A or G+A or I+G or I+G+ A are offered along with the last Six hours of Module A as “Lead Auditor Program for DGPSI”. The pricing for these different combinations are as follows.

Module I+G: Rs 30000/-

Module I+A: Rs 33000/-

Module G+A: Rs 36000/-

Module I+G+A:Rs 45000/-

Module A-DGPSI:R 12000/-

There is a single registration form as given below for all the modules. Make payment of the appropriate amount and indicate which modules are chosen.

Application for Enrollment for Certification Program

P.S: Training is offered by Cyber Law College (Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd) as Training Partner

Registration for Certification Modules

For more details, contact FDPPI over email. over fdppi@ fdppi.in

Kindly note that the sessions of the training program will be recorded

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