DPDPB 2023: Round Table

Just as the DPDPB 2023 was tabled in the Parliament on 3rd August 2023, FDPPI as the most committed data protection organization of India, held a Virtual Roundtable on 4th August 2023. Manipal Law School, (MLS) part of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) partnered FDPPI in this event.

The roundtable discussed several issues surrounding the bill including whether DPDPB2023 is a money bill, the rights and obligations under the bill, Whether DPB is well constituted, etc.

Dr Avinash Dadhich, Dean of MLS was the special guest and participated actively in the discussions.

The event also marked the first event conducted by FDPPI partnering MLS and look forward to more such events.


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