IDPS 2022 should be a community event

FDPPI is an organization of the data protection professionals and by the data protection professionals. The organization is supported by the aggregation of activities of its members.  For practical reasons some members are designated as “Supporting Members” so that they act as divisions of FDPPI for generation of revenue through their activities. But all other members are like flesh and blood of the organization. If they are active, FDPPI is active.

This concept extends to the conduct of IDPS 2022 the flagship event of FDPPI. We would like to make this event the flagship event of the Data Protection Community in India of which FDPPI is a part.

The event is being conducted as a 3 day virtual event between 11th, 12th and 13th November 2022 between 2.00 pm and 8.00 pm (IST) or 8.30 am GMT to 2.30 pm GMT.

During this time and day, the event would be live. During these 18 hours we can accommodate perhaps 6-8 keynotes and another 6-8 panel discussions.  This  means that we can listen to around 30 -35 speakers and share their thoughts with the audience.

The canvas of discussion is “Privacy and Data Protection” and the theme is “Shape of Things to Come”. We therefore need to discuss the current laws in India and elsewhere, the technology of protecting Privacy and data, the Governance of Data for protection and monetization and many other related issues.

We are fully aware that the number of available speakers and the amount of knowledge they can contribute are much more than what we can present in 3 days. We cannot accommodate them all despite our best intentions.

We are also aware that this is a dilemma that is faced by every organizer of such programs world over. There are too many deserving speakers who ought to be heard. But either the organizers cannot reach out to them or the speakers are not available at the required time and place for the event. This often results in losing an opportunity to hear the experts and some times disappointing speakers who are eager to share their knowledge.

FDPPI therefore has opened it’s doors for speaking opportunities during the IDPS 2022 to the community so that IDPS 2022 is to be an event of the Data Protection Professionals by the data protection professionals and for the data protection professionals.

We therefore invite data protection professionals who would like to contribute their thoughts to the “Shape of things to come” in the domain of Privacy and Data Protection in the IDPS 2022 to send us recorded video clips preferably of less than 5 minutes. These recorded videos would be broadcast on the IDPS 2022 platform during the time 6.00 am (IST) to 12.00 noon (IST). This will ensure that the content would be available for the US-Australia time zone as an extension of the live sessions which are more suitable for the India-Gulf-EU time zones.

The video may be kindly recorded if possible with the background setting of the image provided above. Naavi would be available for checking the topic of discussion as well as for a participative recording of the views as a conversation if it is preferred.

The end objective of this exercise is to ensure that IDPS 2022 becomes an event of the community of data protection professionals.

We hope that we will also be able to show case the professionals who would otherwise miss participation in the event. For the upcoming speakers this is an opportunity to be present on this platform.

I request all professionals to make this concept a success.


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