Mission DPDPA: Let us Make it Happen

FDPPI has been working along with Naavi to empower the Data Protection Community in India with Certification programs, the Compliance Framework and other activities.

With the impending notification of DPDPA rules, it is time to accelerate the activities of FDPPI on a mission mode and hence FDPPI is joining hands with Naavi.org in this mission DPDPA as a Co-sponsor.

Details of the mission are available here

The seven major steps towards this mission are

  1. Spread the knowledge of what are the Rights and Duties of Citizens under DPDPA 2023 amongst the general public including students and faculty of Law, Engineering, Management.
  2. Spread the knowledge of what are the compliance requirements under DPDPA 2023 by organizations including the Directors, CxOs and others.
  3. Provide tools of empowerment of individuals through Certification Programs
  4. Provide tools of empowerment to organizations through a framework for compliance along with a system of third party audit, assessment and conformity assurance certificates.
  5. Provide Jurisprudential suggestions to the Government through Policy Advisories placed in the public domain.
  6. Encourage different industry sectors to develop self regulatory guidelines and work towards acceptable sectoral guidelines.
  7. Encourage tech developers to adopt “Compliance by Design” and incorporate DPDPA 2023 compliance when products and services are designed including tools to assist others to be compliant such as AI tools and Governance support software systems.

These are the minimum objectives of the mission and could expand.

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