Mission DPDPA: Prices for Certificate Courses made more affordable

FDPPI along with Naavi has embarked on a mission to spread DPDPA awareness amongst the public as well as professionals.

As part of this objective, FDPPI has revised its pricing strategy for the courses on Certified Data Protection Professional from the fixed Course fee payment to a time based subscription model.

The new scheme essentially enables those who are focussed on completing the course to complete the course on a fast track basis at a relatively low cost. Students can take subscriptions to different courses for a 2 month period which can be extended if required.

Further, students would be having the option to book “Mentor Sessions” where they will have a virtual real time interaction with the faculty to get clarifications after going through the video lessons.

In the past, since the access to the course modules was available for an indefinite period, there was no incentive to complete the course quicky and students tended to take upto 6 months for a course which they should normally complete within a month. The new system therefore fixes the subscription at 2 months which is extendable in blocks of further two months.

The two month subscription for different courses as a Self paced access are as follows: (GST Extra).

CourseFees for first 2 months
Fees for Renewal for
further 2 month block
Fees for Mentor Sessions of 90 minutes
1Certificated Cyber Law Professional (Based on ITA 2000/8)300015001500
2Certified Indian Data Protection Professional (Based on DPDPA 2023)400020002000
3Certified Global Data Protection Professional (Based on GDPR, CPRA HIPAA)500025002000
4Certified DGPMS Implementor (Based on Digital Governance and Protection Management System for India)600030002000
5Certified Data Protection Officer and Data Auditor (Based on compliance of DPDPA, ITA 2000 and proposed BIS standard of Data Protection)1500075002500

As a further commitment to spread the DPDPA professional knowledge and skills, every month, 5 students would be provided a discount of 30% over the above market price for first two months.

Additionally, for those who register for the courses before the rules are notified, one free virtual session of around 2 hours would be provided as a bridging session to update them on the rules.

Reading material would be provided in softcopy form for all the courses.

Examination and Certification

All participants will be provided participation certificate after they clock at least 90% of the video time for the course and a quiz.

Those who would like to opt for C.DPO.DA. certification need to pass an online examination. The examination fee for those who attend the C.DPO.DA. course as above would be Rs 10000/-

However open entry would be provided to professionals who may not undergo the training program at an examination fee of Rs 25000/-

Repeat examination fee would be Rs 6000/-

The passing of the examination would be based on a system of normalization and relative scoring. The decision of FDPPI in this regard is final and not subject to debate.


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