Sab Ka Sath, Sab Ka Vikas

FDPPI has been in the forefront of empowerment of Professionals and Organizations for Personal Data Protection in India.

During the five years since its inception, FDPPI has introduced India specific Certification Program for Data Protection Professionals and today if any person is aspiring to be a DPO or undertake the profession of a Data Auditor, the clear destination is FDPPI.

Similarly if any organization is looking for a framework for compliance of DPDPA and Indian Data Protection Regime, the clear and only choice is DGPSI or Data Governance and Protection Standard of India.

While FDPPI’s C.DPO.DA. Certification program is the preferred choice for professionals over every other certification program on the basis of content and DGPSI based audit and assessment is the only choice for organizations for Certification for DPDPA compliance, FDPPI would like to be an organization that takes along all organizations and professionals with similar objectives to come together as a “Federation of Data Protection Professionals” in India.

FDPPI therefore has introduced a “Cross Certification Program” to recognize the efforts and investments made by professionals in acquiring qualifications like CIPP or CDPSE Certification and provide them an exemption from part of the training of C.DPO.DA. Though these programs only focussed on GDPR and not on DPDPA, considering the general training they have received in Privacy, we would provide them a short cut to completion of C.DPO.DA.

Currently auditors certified as “Lead Auditors” of ISO 27001 or ISO 27701 or PCI DSS, undergo intense training in audit aspects but not necessarily in any law since these audits are purely technical in nature and not Techno Legal in nature. However, considering their exposure to the industry, Accredited ISO lead auditors will be provided an accelerated path to becoming C.DPO.DA. auditor.

This is an attempt to follow the principle of “Sab Ka Sath-Sab Ka Vishwas” .

The accelerated path to C.DPO.DA. works as under.

Currently C.DPO.DA consists of three parts namely Module I, Module G and Module A.

Module I covers DPDPA and ITA 2000 (DIA when available)

Module G covers GDPR, US Data Protection laws, Singapore/DIFC laws

Module A is sub divided into two parts namely the first part consisting of essence of Audit Principles, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 and second part which consists of DGPSI framework.

In what is proposed, professionals with current active certifications from IAPP and ISACA can directly take up Module A (both Part 1 and part 2 required). The Accredited ISO auditors can directly take Part 2 of Module A.

All professionals need to take the online examination for C.DPO.DA and pass through in one or more attempts. They can opt to take the training if required at any point of time though video streaming.

The Cost of the these accelerated programs from 1st November will be as follows:

Module A: Both Part 1 and Part 2: Rs 24000/- Plus GST of 18%

Module A-Part 2 only: Rs 12000/- plus GST

Examination fee: Rs 10000/- for first attempt and Rs 5000/- for second and subsequent attempts (plus GST)

Next Program for Module A will commence on October 28,29 and November 3/4


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