The Day After IDPS 2023

FDPPI successfully completed the two day physical conference IDPS 2023 on te theme of Privacy Challenges from the emerging technologies such as AI, Metaverse. Quantum Computing and Blockchain based crypto currencies as well as Neuroscience also found some reference in the discussions. The DPDPA 2023, the upcoming DIA and the GDPR also was discussed to a brief extent.

One of the key thrusts was how to be compliant with DPDPA 2023 and the answer was provided in the form of DGPSI or Digital Governance and Protection Standard of India. Naavi not only pressed that DGPSI is the only framework at present for DPDPA 2023 and it incorporates the requirements of ITA 2000, BIS standard (draft released on August 10 2023) embracing the principles of ISO 27701 to the extent necessary.

Naavi gave a call to all ISO auditors to add DGPSI audit to their portfolio with a Six hour training on DGPSI and taking an examination for C.DPO.DA. which incidentally includes knowledge of DPDPA 2023, GDPR, US data protection laws and Singapore PDPA.

The exclusive program will be held in the month of December or early january once the Government notifies the DPB and initial rules.

Shortly Naavi will release his new book on DPDPA 2023 and DGPSI which will cover the DPDPA 2023 and DGPSI. Material on GDPR and other global laws will be available as a supplement to the book and together would form the basic reading material.

While training partners of FDPPI will continue to provide their virtual and physical trainings, current ISO auditors who have certifications as lead auditors of ISO 27001 with or without ISO 27701 experience as well as current CIPP certified persons can appear for the C.DPO.DA.exam directly. The passing of C.DPO.DA. would however require the knowledge of DPDPA 2023 and DGPSI. The attendance of DGPSI element of training would be mandatory while the other trainings are optional.

The pricing of FDPPI programs have been revised accordingly. Once the next exam date is announced, those persons who attended the last training program on Module A will be allowed to take the exam with whatever fees had been prescribed earlier. The new prices will be applied from 1st December 2023.

With this FDPPI will try to be focussing on examination and certification while the training partners will focus on training. While Cyber Law College will continue to be one of the training partners, other training partners who can conduct classes on Module I and Module G are welcome to register as Supporting Members/Training Partners and conduct training programs on a franchise model. In particular we are looking for individuals and organizations who can conduct physical programs at different locations in India or abroad. Details can be obtained from FDPPI.

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